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Bail Bonds Service: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How the bail bond process works in Orange County?

Bail bonds can be posted 24/7 in Orange County. The release process can be between 10 minutes to 10 hours depending on the location of the jail the person is in. It can take up to 18 hours to get processed if the person is in the Main Orange County Jail. The average booking time will be around 4 hours and the average release time will be 6 hours after posting a bail.

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2. What should be the first step if my friend or family member is arrested?

Contact an experienced bail bond agency to check the location and status of your friend or family member. The jail process may be different depending where the person has been arrested. So it is important that your bail bond agency should have understanding of how local jails in Southern California work.

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3. After being arrested in Orange County, where do defendants go?

There are three jails in Orange County that are operated by the Orange County Sheriff's Department- the Central Jail Complex in Santa Ana, the Theo Lacy Facility (TLF) in Orange and the James A. Musick Facility in Irvine. Some of the cities within Orange County have their own jails.

The bail bond process will depend on the jail where the defendant is booked. Depending on the size of the jail and the charges, a transfer can happen.

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4. In which court will the arrested person go?

It depends on the location where the person was arrested. Bail bonds in Orange County can be posted at all four courts- Westminster, Santa Ana, Fullerton, and Newport Beach. The person gets the court date and location when he is released from custody.

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5. How you can find out the charges of the person arrested?

A bail bondsman has real-time access to the information about the person booked in a city or county jail. We can call Orange County bail bond agency 24 hours a day to get help if your friend or family member needs bail bonds in Orange County.

6. How much bail bonds in California cost and how to pay for them?

Bail bonds cost can vary between 8%-10% of the full bail amount. We offer flexible payment plans and methods to fit your budget. We accept cash, money orders, personal checks, and most major debit and credit cards. We will make a payment arrangement to suit your individual needs.

7. What is bail collateral?

Bail collateral is something of value that is offered in addition to the bail amount to ensure that the person appears in court. It can be in many forms- your house, jewelry, car, or other valuable assets. It is returned once the defendant appears in court.

8. How to check whether a bail bonds company is licensed?

You can check the website of The California Department of Insurance the licensing and regulatory agency for the bail bonds companies. Type in the name or license number of the bail bondsman you are considering.

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9. What happens if the bail is not posted?

The person remains in custody until the court decides that the bail is not needed. Releasing on O.R., or own recognizance, is considered if the person has appeared in court whenever asked in the past or has no criminal record. In this case, the person is released on his/her word to show up in court when asked.

10. How long is the bond valid for?

The bond is valid until the case is resolved. Once the person is sentenced whether they are found guilty, or are innocent or the charges are laid off, the bond will be absolved.

11. Can the person travel while out on bail?

Defendants on bail usually have no travel restrictions unless any specific court orders. Sometimes the co-signer wants certain travel conditions that the defendant is bound to follow.

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12. What does a co-signer mean?

A co-signer is the one who promises to pay the full bail bond amount to the bail bond company if the defendant does not appear in court. If the defendant skips bail and does not return to court, the co-signer is responsible for finding the person or paying the bail amount.

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13. What happens if the person I bailed out is not going to appear in court?

If you are a co-signer and suspect that the defendant will not appear in court on the scheduled time, you can help surrender that person into custody of the bail bond company at any time.

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14. How do we sign the paperwork?

You can come to our main office at Santa Ana or visit any of your other offices in Orange County. We can also meet you at your home or at the jail.

Contact us to learn more about the bail bond process or call us at (714) 240-2245 to get a free consultation!

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