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Expert Advice On Bail

We understand that applying for bail bonds for yourself or your loved one is a stressful situation. You can get help from a trusted bail bond agent who has comprehensive understanding of the law and can assist you in the bail process. It’s important for you to know certain key bail bond rules before approaching a bail bonds company. False information regarding bail bonds can mislead you and needlessly extend the process. Learning about the complete process and having correct information is crucial to get out of the jail and to avoid further charges.

The Difference between Bail and Bonds

Bail and bonds are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are fundamentally different terms. Bail is the form of cash paid directly to the court. On the other hand, bonds are submitted in the court by a bail bondsman on behalf of the defendant by her/his family or friends.

What Is Bail Bonds Collateral?

A bail bondsman signs the agreement of the bail bonds in the form of some collateral to cover the bail bond. Collateral can be any form of asset. The various types of collateral include real estate property, car, jewelry, or other valuable assets. A bail bonds agent determines the collateral on the basis of the amount of the bail. The bail bonds collateral helps the bail bonds agent ensure that the defendant appears in the court on the dates specified by the court. If the defendant appears in the court, the collateral is returned by the bail bonds company to the one who had signed the bond.

Information Required by the Bail Bonds Agent

A bail bonds agent needs some necessary information that you should know before calling the bail bonds company. These requirements are:

  • Full name of the defendant
  • Legal name of the defendant
  • Details of the jail where the defendant is held
  • Amount of the bail set by the court

Can the Bail Amount Be Reduced?

Yes, the bail amounts can be reduced in some cases. This can happen when you have signed collateral with a bail bonds agent. Some states may allow the court to lower the bail amount. The judge determines whether the bail amount can be reduced or not on the basis of the crime.

The bail bonds process becomes simple if you find help from the right bail bondsman. Signature Bail Bonds is a licensed bail bonds agency in Orange County that offers 24 hours bail bond service.

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